Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our services below.



Are Estimates Free?

➢ Yes. Estimates are always free.



Do I need to be present for the Estimate?

➢ No. As long as your pets are contained and your gate is unlocked at the designated time of the estimate. (friendly dogs excluded)



Is my Neighbor responsible for half of the cost of the new fence?

➢ No. There is no law in California that states you have to have a fence unless you have a body of water such as a pool, hot tub, pond, etc. However, we find that in many cases neighbors can work out shared costs for their new fence.



Do I have to remove trees or shrubs?

➢ We do ask for an 8"-12" work area on both sides of the fence. If you need to have foliage trimmed back to make access, we recommend that you have a gardener perform that work. It is always best to let the fence builders stick to fence building and gardeners stick to gardening.



How long will the new fence last?

➢ It is impossible to determine the life of a fence as every fence "lives" in a different environment. You can greatly improve your fences performance by conducting simple maintenance such as keeping down the soil at the base of the fence, don’t let organic debris such as lawn clippings or leafs to build up at the base of the fence and don’t allow your sprinklers to “water” your fence.



Can you repair my current fence?

➢ The only repair that we are willing to stand behind is support posts, provided that the actual sections of fence are still in good condition.



Can you re-use the materials from my old fence for the new fence?

➢ Yes, but the cost will be higher than if we used new materials because of the labor needed to strip out and prepare the old material for re-use.



Is dry set or wet set better?

➢ Dry set has become the standard of the industry because it allows us to tear down and rebuild your fence in a single day. You will gain no additional strength from the concrete by wet-setting the posts.



What do I do if my Neighbor is higher or lower than me?

➢ There are many solutions ranging from larger kickboards to retaining walls.



How tall can my fence be?

➢ Every city has different ordinances regarding the maximum height of a fence. Generally, you can have a 6' Tall fence with up to 12" of lattice without the need of a permit or variance from your city.



Will you take away my old fence?

➢ Yes. Unless you specify that you want to keep your old fence, your estimate will include the removal and off-site disposal of your old fence.



How long will a new fence take to install?

➢ We can install up to 100' of fence in a single day. We tear down only what we can install in a day assuring you your privacy and security.




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