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Our Quality Redwood Decks are A Cut Above

A Cut Above offers countless deck designs. We have built hundreds of decks for pools, hut tubs, or just to add living space to a yard. There are many options as well, such as bench seating, planter boxes, wood or wire railings, lighting, steps, or even an arbor over the top of your deck to provide shade. When installing decks, A Cut Above uses only the highest grade of con/hrt redwood. The planks are usually 1x6 and surfaced (sanded) so you don’t have to worry about splinters. The underside or “support structure” is built using pressure treated 4x4’s for the posts and 4x6’s for the beams or joists. We never span those beams farther than 3’ apart, avoiding any chance of sag or a soft feeling when you walk across it.


We don’t use composite material of any kind. Although we have been asked to in the past, we believe redwood is a far superior product. One of the biggest problems with composite is the weight. It’s HEAVY. To properly install composite you need TWICE the support structure underneath. That means instead of running your joists down the length of the deck every 3’ you need to run one every 1’6”. This obviously translates into much more labor for us and more cost for you. Some people would say, “Okay, so it costs more, I still want it because it will last forever.” This isn’t true at all, and is a big misconception. Composite decks have many problems, and some are evident immediately, such as how hot it gets on a summer day. You can literally cook an egg on it (no joke). It has also been known to get so hot that it can melt the soles of shoes. After time more problems will become evident, such as discoloration, fading, warping, cracking, and even complete failure. Have you ever left a piece of plastic in the sun for a long time? When you see it after some time it will be faded and very brittle. There’s no difference with composite decking. Stay natural, stay beautiful, go Redwood!


VIDEO: Real Redwood Decking vs Plastic Decking (Beauty)

VIDEO: Real Redwood Decking vs Plastic Decking (Strength)


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